About B. Alpha Construction

B. Alpha Construction is a minority-owned and operated commercial insulation business that was founded in 2021 to provide better insulation and energy efficiency services to buildings throughout Western Massachusetts, but the journey began long before then. The founders of B. Alpha Construction have a combined 40 years of experience in professional insulation installation. We’ve spent decades learning the ropes and craft of modern building science. Now, we’re using our deep-seated expertise to make buildings more comfortable and energy efficient with cutting-edge building performance technologies. 

We’ve completed thousands of jobs, including multi-family, industrial new construction, and commercial projects, and our team has extensive experience installing high-performing two-part spray foam insulation in all types of buildings, from new construction projects to houses of worship, nonprofit buildings, educational institutions, municipal buildings, and much more. Whether it is new construction or retrofit and renovation, B. Alpha Construction has the knowledge and experience to navigate the challenges and deliver your project as you envisioned. Our diverse experience and proven history of delivering high-quality installs on time and on a budget help us to continually exceed the expectations of owners, architects, and contractors.

We would love to build a professional relationship with you, with the hopes of collaborating on many successful future projects.

Yamil Brito, Co-Founder and Partner of B. Alpha Construction


Co-Founder / Partner

Yamil is one of the visionary founding partners of B. Alpha Construction. Yamil comes with 15 years of experience in the building performance industry. He has worked at every level and every position in Operations and therefore has a deep and comprehensive understanding of this complex industry. As Chief Operations Officer for his last few years at Energia, Yamil had the unique and rigorous responsibilities of running both the Operations division and Customer services. This background and experience set him up perfectly to be able to take on the complexities and challenges of the more versatile and demanding B. Alpha Construction. When not working, building and growing B. Alpha Construction, Yamil spends much of his time raising his three children with his wife Lizeth.


Co-Founder / Partner

Joel is one of the founders and partners of B. Alpha Construction. Joel comes with five years experience in building performance and he brings experience and education in numerous other important sectors of general construction. Joel held the position of Project Manager and head of spray foam at Energia where he was responsible for managing the largest and most complex commercial and new construction projects.
Joel has a deep level of knowledge and technical expertise in all aspects of spray foam materials, procedures and equipment. Joel is the master wizard behind the curtain and his keen sense of risk, reward, balance, structure and fairness makes him especially well suited to navigate the tumultuous and evolving waters of high performance building analysis.

Joel Brito, Co-Founder and Partner of B. Alpha Construction
Mark Tajima: Co-Founder and Partner at B. Alpha Construction


Co-Founder / Partner

Mark is also one of the founders of B. Alpha Construction. He comes to B. Alpha Construction with over fifteen years of building performance experience, ten years of teaching and twenty years of financial services work in global securities processing, foreign exchange, corporate actions and mergers for large organizations like Citibank, Bank of New York and others.
In 2009 Mark was one of the founders of Energia LLC the insulation worker co-op where he was first the COO and later the Director of Client Services until his departure in 2022.
In his spare time Mark has served or still serves on the Board of Directors of: BPA The Building Performance Association, WMGC The Western Mass Green Consortium, Northeast Bio-diesel and Co-op Power. Mark is the proud father of two children Claudia (31) and Musashi Alex (27).

what makes B. Alpha Construction different?

We Exceed Expectations

The need for energy-efficient buildings is urgent and ubiquitous, which is why B. Alpha Construction was created. We aim to bring the best in insulation and energy efficiency services to Western Massachusetts, living on the cutting edge of advanced building science thinking and we vow to stay updated and knowledgeable on all the available commercial and industrial rebates for insulation provided by the Mass Save program, and any other rebates at the federal, state, and local levels. We will not be satisfied unless we have exceeded your expectations for your project, and we will go above and beyond to get you the maximum in rebate savings. 

We Treat Your Building Like Its Our Own

The best insulation projects are all about the details, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the details of your project. Treating your building like it’s our own and getting you the best rebate possible as if it were our own bottom line at stake is the only way we do business. Existing insulation products are continually evolving with new products and hybrid variants emerging on a daily basis. In this fast-paced world B. Alpha Construction helps its customers find the right solution to challenges both simple and complex. Our fundamental philosophy is a combination of good building science foundations and cost-effective, energy-saving solutions while balancing the use of cutting-edge green building products.

Local Experience Matters

The New England seasons can be extreme, and battling the comfort and energy efficiency issues of the Massachusetts climate require specialized knowledge and experience. When it comes to choosing an insulation contractor, local experience matters! B. Alpha Construction is dedicated to the best in customer service, and the depth of our experience in successful local insulation installation leaves us confident we can bring in any commercial project on time and on budget.

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